Global DevSecOps Market: Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts up to 2023

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DevSecOps Market: Global Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Forecasts up to 2023.


In the recent times, a new trend is gaining popularity in the software development life cycle called DevSecOps. This technology bridges the gap between development, operations, and security teams to speed up the software development process through collaboration and communication among the teams. The goal of DevOps is to give more ownership to the development team for developing and monitoring applications. Security plays a key role by providing high-end security to the applications.

“DevSecOps = DevOps + Security”

The rising adoption of various software applications among businesses and consumers has opened new avenues for hackers to hack data leading to the lack of security in terms of coding or configurations. DevSecOps is expected to play a vital role at this point in maintaining the security by collaborating various departments at the initial stages of product development.

Market Analysis:

According to Infoholic Research, the global DevSecOps market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 33.7% during the forecast period 2017-2023. The rising security breaches, awareness about DevSecOps platforms, need for improving SDLC by reducing the time wasted, and the increasing investment activities have led to the demand for DevSecOps. In addition, the growing demand for advanced technologies, such as AI, automation, and cloud technologies, are expected to support the DevSecOps market growth. The market is analyzed by regions, deployment type, and enterprise type.

Segmentation Analysis: Regions and Deployment type

Region-wise: The Americas leads the market followed by Europe. The US, Canada, UK, Germany, and France are the major revenue generators owing to the rising security breaches, advanced technology, demand for high-end software products, and government rules and regulations related to security. Asia Pacific is always an attractive market for the key stakeholders to enhance their business or product portfolios. Especially, India, China, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, and other country enterprises are showing interest in the DevSecOps platform. It shows that DevSecOps platform adoption rate is about to witness a lot of investment in the upcoming years. Finally, MEA is an emerging market for the key stakeholders during 2017-2023.

This report provides details about DevSecOps deployment type. Most of the DevSecOps players are offering cloud and on-premises deployment modes for their customers and most of the enterprises are still demanding for the on-premises model. In the recent years, the enterprises are moving from on-premises to the cloud, but cloud providers need to ensure security at each stage of the product development involving security, developers, and operational professionals. The cloud deployment model is expected to contribute the major market share followed by the on-premises model.

Enterprise type Analysis

Globally, all kinds of enterprises are falling under security breaches somehow, especially SMEs are always targeted by the hackers’ due to the lack of IT infrastructure and knowledge about security threats. Whereas, larger enterprises are adopting more and more digital, advanced technologies to reach their customer demands, but security loopholes on software product/services may impact their customer experience. Thus, enterprises are showing interest in adopting the DevSecOps platform and using it. The large enterprise segment is leading the market, followed by the SMEs, but in the future the SMEs segment is expected to increase its revenue contribution toward the market growth.

Key Vendors and Competitive Analysis

Some of the companies covered in the report include IBM, Splunk, Chef Software, Puppet, Amazon, CA Technologies, Qualys, and others. The small and growing start-ups are focusing to provide high-end DevSecOps tools and are receiving a good number of customers. The big players are enhancing partnerships and M&A strategies with the small players to increase their footprints in the market, and thus, gain a leading position in the DevSecOps platform market. Players are investing in building an expertise workforce in the DevSecOps area to satisfy the ongoing and future demands.


The report provides an in-depth analysis of current and future market status for DevSecOps. The report aims to provide an opportunity for key players to understand the latest trends, demands, players’ initiatives, and technologies related to the market. This report gives the complete details about regions, country wise details, adoption and plan ratio of DevSecOps, revenue, and key trends. In addition, it helps the venture capitalists in understanding the profile of the companies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Industry Outlook 9

1.1 Industry Overview 9

1.2 Industry Trends 9

1.3 PEST Analysis 10

2 Report Outline 11

2.1 Report Scope 11

2.2 Report Summary 11

2.3 Research Methodology 11

2.4 Report Assumptions 12

3 Market Snapshot 12

3.1 Segmented Addressable Market (SAM) 12

3.2 Related Markets 13

4 Market Outlook 13

4.1 Market Overview 13

4.2 Market Definition 14

4.3 DevOps Professional and Security Professionals 14

4.4 Market Trends 14

4.5 Porter 5 (Five) Forces 15

5 Market Characteristics 16

5.1 Art of DevSecOps 16

5.2 Black diagram of DevSecOps 16

5.3 Workflow of DevSecOps 17

5.4 Market Segmentation 17

5.5 Market Dynamics 17

5.6 Key Stakeholders 22

6 Enterprise Type: Market Size & Analysis 23

6.1 Overview 23

6.2 Larger Enterprise 24

6.3 SMEs 24

7 Deployment Type: Market Size & Analysis 25

7.1 Overview 25

7.2 Cloud 26

7.3 On Premises 27

8 Regions: Market Size & Analysis 28

8.1 Overview 28

8.2 America 30

8.3 Europe 33

8.4 Asia Pacific 37

8.5 MEA 41

9 Vendor Profiles 42

9.1 IBM Corp 42

9.2 Amazon com, Inc 45

9.3 Rackspace, Inc. 50

9.4 CA Technologies 54

9.5 Splunk 58

10 Predominate Players 61

10.1 Qualys Inc. 61

10.2 AlgoSec. 63

10.3 Puppet Labs 64

10.4 Chef Software 66

10.5 Sumo Logic 67

11 Competitive Landscape 68

11.1 Competitor Comparison Analysis 69

Annexure 71

 Acronyms 71

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