Frontier Pharma: Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Gene Therapy and Immuno-modulators Dominate First-in-Class Pipeline with Novel Target Classes Demonstrating Potential Beta-Cell Regeneration

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Frontier Pharma: Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Gene Therapy and Immuno-modulators Dominate First-in-Class Pipeline with Novel Target Classes Demonstrating Potential Beta-Cell Regeneration


Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a chronic condition that occurs as a result of the autoimmune destruction of pancreatic beta (β) cells, which are responsible for producing insulin, a hormone needed for body cells to allow for the absorption of glucose in order to produce energy.

Insulin is currently the mainstay treatment for T1D patients, and insulin therapy has significantly evolved over the last 90 years. Still, there is a pressing unmet need within T1D treatment landscape for more diverse, non-insulin disease-modifying pharmacotherapies (immunomodulatory or β-cell preservation). T1D pipeline shows more diverse novel therapies under development. The report assesses first-in-class innovation within the pipeline for T1D.


- T1D pipeline is slightly modest in size, with 243 products at a disclosed stage of active development, however, it is largely novel, diverse and holds considerable potential as opposed to the current homogenous market. What proportion of these products across T1D pipeline are first in class? How does first-in-class innovation vary by development stage and molecular target class?

- The pipeline mostly encompasses peptides such as novel ultra-rapid formulations of already marketed human insulins and rapid-insulin analogs, biosimilar versions of marketed insulins, and innovative adjunctive therapies that are focused either on immunomodulatory approaches to restore β-cell self-tolerance or on complementing intensive exogenous insulin therapy.

- Molecular target classes represented in the pipeline include; protein kinase, cytokine signaling, ion channels, SGLT receptors, GABA signaling, glucagon receptor family, antigen, hormone, and nuclear receptor. Which molecular target classes are prominently represented in the overall and first-in-class T1D pipeline?

- There are 189 companies currently active within the T1D pipeline landscape. Which companies have the most first-in-class assets in development? Which companies are highly active in terms of licensing and co-development deals for first-in-class innovation?

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- Understand the current disease landscape with an in-depth discussion of etiology, pathophysiology, disease classification and staging systems, epidemiology, and marketed therapies for T1D.

- Analyze the pipelines for T1D, and stratify them by stage of development, molecule type, and molecular target.

- Assess the therapeutic potential of first-in-class molecular targets. Using proprietary matrix assessments, first-in-class molecular targets for T1D have been assessed and ranked according to clinical potential. Promising first-in-class targets for T1D have been reviewed in greater detail.

- Analyze company strategies in prior deals through case studies of key deals for T1D first-in-class products, and recognize commercial opportunities by identifying first-in-class pipeline products that have not yet been involved in licensing or co-development deals.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1.1 List of Tables

1.2 List of Figures

2 Type 1 Diabetes: Executive Summary

2.1 Current Therapies Leave High Unmet Needs in T1D Treatment Market

2.2 Pipeline Shows Shift Toward Disease-Modifying Approaches

2.3 Innovative First-in-Class Pipeline Products Hold Potential for Beta-Cell Regeneration Therapies

3 Introduction

3.1 Catalyst

3.2 Related Reports

3.3 Upcoming Related Reports

4 Disease Overview

4.1 Etiology and Pathophysiology

4.2 Classification of T1D

4.3 Sustained Innovation in T1D

4.4 Epidemiology for T1D

4.5 Overview for Marketed Products

5 Assessment of Pipeline Product Innovation

5.1 Overview

5.2 Pipeline by Stage of Development and Molecule Type

5.3 Pipeline by Molecular Target

5.4 Comparative Distribution of Programs Between the T1D Market and Pipeline by Therapeutic Target Family

5.5 Comparative Distribution of First-in-Class and Non-First-in-Class Pipeline Programs by Molecular Target Class

5.6 Ratio of First-in-Class Programs to First-in-Class Molecular Target Within the Pipeline

6 First-in-Class Molecular Target Evaluation

6.1 Overview

6.2 Pipeline Programs Targeting Insulin

6.3 Pipeline Programs Targeting Natural Cytotoxicity Triggering Receptor 1

6.4 Pipeline Programs Targeting Interleukin 10

6.5 Pipeline Programs Targeting Follistatin-like 3

6.6 Pipeline Programs Targeting Interleukin 21

6.7 Pipeline Programs Targeting Interleukin 2 Receptor Beta

6.8 Pipeline Programs Targeting Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor

6.9 Pipeline Programs Targeting Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 5, Group A, Member 2

7 Key Players and Deals

7.1 Overview

8 Appendix

8.1 Bibliography

8.2 Abbreviations

8.3 Methodology

8.4 About the Authors

8.5 About GlobalData

8.6 Contact Us

8.7 Disclaimer

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