Seasonal Influenza: Epidemiology Forecast to 2028

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Seasonal Influenza: Epidemiology Forecast to 2028


Seasonal influenza is a contagious respiratory viral illness. There are four types of seasonal influenza viruses (A, B, C, and D); however, only types A and B cause human disease of public health concern (WHO, 2014). Influenza transmission occurs when people with flu cough, sneeze, or talk and disseminate droplets. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who then inhale them into the lungs (CDC, 2018).

GlobalData epidemiologists used age- and sex-specific diagnosed prevalence rates to forecast the diagnosed prevalent cases. GlobalData epidemiologists applied country-specific prevalence rates of HS, wherever available, to each country’s population to obtain the number of estimated diagnosed incident cases.

The following data describes epidemiology of seasonal influenza cases. In 2018, the 8MM had 4,406,548 diagnosed incident cases of lab-confirmed seasonal influenza. This is expected to decrease to 4,285,297 diagnosed incident cases by 2028, at an Annual Growth Rate (AGR) of negative 0.28%. In 2018, in the 8MM 380,179,080 people had received seasonal influenza vaccination.

This is expected to increase to 409,507,606 people receiving seasonal influenza vaccination by 2028 at an AGR of 0.77%. The variations in diagnosed incident cases of lab-confirmed influenza, and vaccination rates may be due to differences in the healthcare systems and government vaccination programs in each market. Although GlobalData epidemiologists do not expect any significant changes that would increase the vaccination rates for seasonal influenza in the 8MM, changes in vaccination guidelines and efforts to increase awareness and perception of influenza vaccination may occur and lead to an increase in vaccination uptake.


- The Seasonal Influenza Epidemiology Report provides an overview of the risk factors and global trends of seasonal influenza in the eight major markets (8MM: US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan, and Brazil).

- This report also includes a 10-year epidemiological forecast for the following segmentations in all ages across the 8MM: the diagnosed incident cases of lab-confirmed seasonal influenza, lab-confirmed seasonal influenza mortality, and vaccination rates for seasonal influenza.

- The seasonal influenza epidemiology report is written and developed by Masters- and PhD-level epidemiologists.

- The Epidemiology Report is in-depth, high quality, transparent and market-driven, providing expert analysis of disease trends in the 7MM.

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The Seasonal Influenza Epidemiology series will allow you to -

- Develop business strategies by understanding the trends shaping and driving the global HS market.

- Quantify patient populations in the global seasonal influenza market to improve product design, pricing, and launch plans.

- Organize sales and marketing efforts by identifying the age groups and sex that present the best opportunities for seasonal influenza vaccines in each of the markets covered.

- Understand magnitude of lab-confirmed seasonal influenza mortality.

- Quantify the population receiving seasonal influenza vaccination.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1.1 List of Tables

1.2 List of Figures

2 Seasonal Influenza: Executive Summary

2.1 Related Reports

2.2 Upcoming Reports

3 Epidemiology

3.1 Disease Background

3.2 Risk Factors and Comorbidities

3.3 Global and Historical Trends

3.4 Forecast Methodology

3.5 Epidemiological Forecast for Seasonal Influenza (2018-2028)

3.6 Discussion

4 Appendix

4.1 Bibliography

4.2 About the Authors

4.3 About GlobalData

4.4 Contact Us

4.5 Disclaimer

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