Top Trends in Savory Snacks 2019

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Top Trends in Savory Snacks 2019


Top Trends in Savory Snacks 2019 outlines the key consumer and innovation trends currently impacting savory snacks. It covers the often conflicting motivations and priorities that guide snacking choices, and how snack manufacturers should respond at a time of growing formulation scrutiny. Analysis also extends to key ingredient and packaging trends, as well as future-focused insight that indicates prospective growth drivers for the sector.

The market for savory snacks is being shaped by broader health- and technology-driven influences. For example, consumers are being drawn to the refrigerated sections of the supermarket for fresher and seemingly more wholesome snack options, while the proliferation of on-demand services is making it more convenient to access fresh or packaged food, thus turning virtually any food into a "snack." Against this backdrop are key category-specific trends and opportunities to stand out and appeal to a more health-conscious and connected audience.


- While salty and savory flavors are predictably the most popular in savory snacks, the appeal of secondary flavors should not be overlooked. Significantly, sweet flavors are a key opportunity in the category, being named among the top three most appealing flavors in savory snacks in six of the countries surveyed by GlobalData.

- In an effort to reverse the negative perceptions of processed food, manufacturers are pursuing more natural forms of processing in order to "rebrand" the concept and improve perceptions of processed snacks.

- The growing popularity of and access to online grocery shopping has changed how shoppers make product choices on their way to the (virtual) checkout. This has not rendered impulse shopping irrelevant, but has markedly changed brands' retail strategies.

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- Identify the reasons underpinning consumers' inclination to purchase specific savory snack products.

- Gain insight into the key consumer trends that are most likely to drive innovation.

- Put innovative products into context by connecting them to specific consumer trends and preferences.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Consumer Trends: the behaviors influencing demand for Savory Snacks

Innovation Trends: how brands are responding to evolving consumer needs

Crunch Time

Fresh Snacking

Substitution Society


Making a Meal of It

Looking Ahead: future innovation opportunities in Savory Snacks


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