Emerging Technology Trends Survey - Pharma 2019

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Emerging Technology Trends Survey - Pharma 2019


GlobalData’s Emerging Technology Trends Survey - Pharma 2019 provides in-house analyst expertise on the results of a 15 minutes survey of 77 respondents employed within pharmaceutical filed. Each respondent has some level of responsibility with regards to the implementation of new and emerging technologies. The survey was fielded over June and July, 2019.

Emerging technologies are transforming entire healthcare systems and the ways stakeholders work and collaborate. Technology is no longer viewed as enabling business, but as driving it. It is fundamental to number of operations and is changing the value chain in a disruptive way. As the new technologies are being adopted by the healthcare industry it is important to understand what opportunities and challenges they bring.

This report provides an assessment on how the key emerging technologies are impacting healthcare industry and how these technologies are expected to affect the sector within the next 3 years.


Components of the report include -

- Emerging technologies overview - a snapshot of current attitudes of business leaders towards the emerging technologies and how these innovations are tarnsforming healthcare industry.

- Strategic challenges identifications - provides the analysis and insights on how the emerging technologies can address the challenges that pharma industry faces.

- Impact of emerging technologies on pharma - examines how technologies are being applied in the healthcare industry, including case studies demonstrating how healthcare companies are benefiting from emerging tech.

- Investment priorities related to emerging technologies - highlights which emerging technologies are being prioritized for investments by pharma executives.

- Significance of artificial intelligence (AI), big data and cybersecurity - provides a deeper dive into AI, big data and cybersecurity applications in pharma and disruptive power that these technologies bring.

Reasons to buy

- Gain a better understating of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and cybersecurity and how these technologies are being used in pharma industry.

- Explore how emerging technologies are transforming the healthcare industry and what impact on the sector these technologies will have in the next 3 years.

- Stay up to date on the scope, challenges, and essentials for the digital transformation within the healthcare industry.

- Identify emerging industry trends in the uptake of emerging technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

- Develop and design your corporate strategies through an in-house expert analysis of emerging technologies impacting the healthcare sector.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Background, Objectives and Survey Design

1.1 Background, Objectives, and Survey Design

1.2 Respondent Profile

2 Executive Summary

2.1 Key Findings

3 How Is Technology Addressing Pharma Challenges?

3.1 Pharma Firms Face Multiple Strategic Challenges

3.2 These Challenges Impact the Entire Pharma Value Chain

3.3 Emerging Technologies Can Be Used to Help Address the Challenges Firms Face

3.4 Over the Next Five Years, Three Major Emerging Technologies Will Shape the Future of Pharma

4 Survey Results - All Technology Themes

4.1 Emerging Technology in Pharma - Understanding of Emerging Technologies

4.2 Emerging Technology in Pharma - Importance and Impact

4.3 Emerging Technology in Pharma - R&D Cycle

4.4 Emerging Technology in Pharma - Investment

4.5 Cloud Computing - Case Study

4.6 Social Media - Case Study

4.7 Blockchain - Case Study

5 Survey Results - Big Data

5.1 How Do We Define this Disruptive Technology?

5.2 How Is this Disruptive Technology Being Applied to the Pharma Value Chain?

5.3 Big Data in Pharma - Importance

5.4 Big Data in Pharma - Impact

5.5 Big Data in Pharma - Current Investment

5.6 Big Data in Pharma - Usage and Future Investment

5.7 Big Data - Case Study

5.8 Big Data in Pharma - Technical Disruption

5.9 Big Data in Pharma - Barriers to Adoption

6 Survey Results - Artificial Intelligence

6.1 How Do We Define this Disruptive Technology?

6.2 How Is this Disruptive Technology Being Applied to the Pharma Value Chain?

6.3 Artificial Intelligence in Pharma - Importance

6.4 Artificial Intelligence in Pharma - Impact

6.5 Artificial Intelligence in Pharma - Current Investment

6.6 Artificial Intelligence in Pharma - Usage and Future Investment

6.7 Artificial Intelligence - Case Study

6.8 Artificial Intelligence in Pharma - Technical Disruption

6.9 Artificial Intelligence in Pharma - Barriers to Adoption

7 Survey Results - Cybersecurity

7.1 How Do We Define this Disruptive Technology?

7.2 How Is this Disruptive Technology Being Applied to the Pharma Value Chain?

7.3 Cybersecurity in Pharma - Importance

7.4 Cybersecurity in Pharma - Impact

7.5 Cybersecurity in Pharma - Current Investment

7.6 Cybersecurity in Pharma - Usage and Future Investment

7.7 Cybersecurity - Case Study

7.8 Cybersecurity in Pharma - Technical Disruption

7.9 Cybersecurity in Pharma - Barriers to Adoption

8 Recommendations

8.1 Recommendations

9 Appendix

9.1 Sources

9.2 About the Authors

9.3 About GlobalData

9.4 Contact Us

9.5 Disclaimer

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