Cigarettes in El Salvador, 2018

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Cigarettes in El Salvador, 2018


The market for cigarettes in El Salvador has long been characterized by a sizeable non-duty paid market. This report deals only with the legitimate duty paid market, with figures largely based on apparent consumption trends. Trade sources suggest that the black market through the late 1990s and around the turn of the millennium accounted for up to 35% of cigarette consumption. In more recent years, the legitimate market appears to have increased its share of total consumption, although contraband remains an ever present feature and appears to have strengthened in the years since 2012.

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, but has one of the largest economies in the region and a population of just under 6.2 million people. Cigarette consumption in the legitimate duty paid market was estimated at 0.6 billion pieces in 2017, 61.7% down on 1990 levels. Contraband has been a sporadic problem for the market, re-asserting its presence since 2012 and leading to a subsequent collapse in duty paid sales. In per capita terms, consumption was low at 99 pieces per capita per year in 2017.


- The market is dominated by PMI and BAT, with these two companies effectively accounting for 100% of sales.

- BAT sources its products from Honduras, whilst PMI sourced its products from Guatemala until 2013, when it switched production to Costa Rica.

- In both cases, there is no significant price disadvantage to the consumer as both production facilities lie within the CACM area and consequently are not subject to import tariffs.

- With both companies using regional production strategies, they are both able to achieve tangible benefits from economies of scale.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Overview 6

2. Market Size 7

3. Market Structure 11

4. Manufacturers & Brands 12

5. Taxation & Retail 15

5.1. Taxation 15

5.2. Retail Prices 15

6. The Smoking Population 16

7. Production & Trade 19

7.1. Production 19

7.2. Imports 20

7.3. Exports 24

8. Operating constraints 25

8.1. Advertising Restrictions 25

8.2. Health Warnings/Labeling Requirements 25

8.3. Other Restrictions 25

9. Prospects & Forecasts 26

10. Appendix 28

10.1. What is this Report About? 28

10.2. Time Frame 28

10.3. Product Category Coverage 28

10.4. Methodology 29

10.5. About GlobalData 31

10.6. Disclaimer 32

10.7. Contact Us 33

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