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Strategic Defence Intelligence is a business intelligence platform that provides a stream of continuously updated customer and competitor intelligence as well as detailed research reports providing an unrivalled source of global information on the latest developments in the defence industry.

Strategic Defence Intelligence's unique monitoring platform enables integration of proprietary content with relevant global news and blog sources in a highly structured manner - giving a comprehensive and easily-searchable picture of all events and activity across the global defence industry. The site features: daily updated analysis, comment and news; company and customer monitoring; defence spending, tenders and contracts; product and technology intelligence; and fully customisable workflow tools. The site also houses their research and analysis database giving you access to industry and competitor reports to inform your business and market planning.

Strategic Defence Intelligence has been developed by ICD Research - the business research arm of Progressive Digital Media Group Plc. ICD Research provides industry-leading global business information. Their products and services help companies make better decisions, win business and position themselves more effectively.

Progressive Digital Media Group is an international digital media company providing specialised integrated digital marketing solutions. They pride themselves on providing invaluable business solutions and information to their broad range of professional communities. Their extensive portfolio of products, in more than 30 professional markets, makes us one of the largest international media companies. Headquartered in London, with offices across the UK, US, India and Australia, Progressive Digital Media serves a worldwide customer base with the highest quality and most progressive solutions.

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